Cosrx AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner: A review

For today, I am going to be sharing my thoughts for this toner which is also raved for. Any guesses? Ofcourse it is no other than the Cosrx AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner. Omygosh. Writing about this already makes me so excited because I can’t wait to share with you how amazing this product is and how it really helped my acne marks and scars to fade out.Okay so actually for the past months, specifically the 3rd week of April, I started having pimples on my chin and cheek area and I don’t know the heck why. I became really upset and down about it because I never had such pimples before I swear! My face is originally dry in my earlier years of highschool nd I rarely even get pimple, and when I get one, usually it’s just 1 or 2 and it will be gone after a few days. But on this late April, I had about 5-6 pimples at the same time on my chin and about 2-3 big ones on my cheeks and it just won’t heal!! I started freaking out and stressing how I can get rid of those because honestly they are so distracting and are very obvious. They are composed of little and big ones (that has zits ew) and very red which sucks I know. That’s when I started really searching up online on what maybe the cause of it and what I can do to get rid of those. It took me about a month and 2 weeks to discover this product and I wished I did discover it earlier 😦

But yeah so when I did, I digged about this product so much and found out that there’s actually so many people who are raving about this product. I was awed with their reviews and I thought I should try. First, I was hesitant because just as they say, not every product works with every skin type (you know it depends) so yeah, but I still ended up going for it. I thought that I should take the risk because basically, some risks are actually worth fighting for.img_9798


By the way, I did buy this toner for 650php at Basically, they are an online store based in the Philippines who sells Korean skincare and makeup products. One thing I love about this shop is that their customer service is really really good and their prices are usally cheaper than most websites (gotta save some cash!).

Okay now what I basically do is ofcourse cleanse my face with my all-time fave *insert drum rolls* the Cosrx Low Ph Cleanser and then I spray the toner (yes you can just spray it directly onto your face but I just prefer to put it in the cotton pad first because that’s what I’m used to lol) about 6 times on the cotton pad and wipe it on my face. To be honest, that 1 week that I’ve spent using the product is the time where I really tested if it’s doing something on my face and I’m so glad IT DID! At this very day, which is my 2nd week of using this product, I continuously see a lot of difference with the scars and marks. It REALLY did minimize and calm the redness and inflammation, also the zits just boom went out and finally the scars are disappearing. As of today, ofcourse there are still scars that can be seen, but they are not as obvious as before. I think I’ll just keep using this product and wait for my scars to completely heal! YES LET’S GO!

Also, I am so glad to say that this product has this AHA and BHA ingredients which are known to gently exfoliate our skin and get rid of those dead skin cells. (exfoliating is a must girlies)

Now for my finaly say, I am TOTALLY inlove with this product considering its availability, size, packaging and price, they are just so amusing. I am really gonna give this also a 10/10 okay I’m really loving this Cosrx line and I can’t wait to try on more of their products because honestly, I feel like Cosrx is one of the best brands for treating and healing acne soooo  y’all should check them out.

And, I guess this is the end of my review/experience on the Cosrx AHA/BHA Clarifying toner. I hope you guys had fun and learned something.

See you on my next post lovelies! :*